Not a ministry.
A movement.

Welcome to Men’s Ministry here at All Saints Anglican. We understand that men and women are unique, and we believe you are immeasurably valuable to what God is accomplishing in the world. He’s given you the strength, the courage, and the calling to step forward and be part of a generation of men with spiritual grit.


At All Saints Anglican we recognise that men need their own environment to grow.  So throughout the year we hold special events just for men: Men & Motors, Blokes & Bikes, Men & Meat, Guy’s & Guitars, to name a few and there is always a great lunch provided. All our events are free and open to everyone.

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Homegroups are a key part of our Church life and an excellent way to meet other people and grow together spiritually. The Men’s Bible Study is specially designed for men to discuss everyday life by looking at a biblical perspective.  The Men’s Bible Study meets every Thursday at Peter's house.

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MEN ON MISSION – Changing Lives!


Once a year, the men of All Saints Anglican, organise a mission trip either in-land or overseas. Last year we travelled to Vanuatu where our men were actually involved in repairing buses and cars, building homes for disabled people, helping school children to improve their English language skills, providing essential medical care and a whole host of other things to do with improving the community life.